About Me

My name is Colleen – I grew up in Minnesota, studied international relations at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and now live in Kyrgyzstan as a Peace Corps volunteer.

In Kyrgyzstan, I share a classroom with a local English teacher in a large secondary school and travel around the country giving trainings on EFL methodologies. I fill my spare time with: chatting up the ladies selling fermented wheat drinks on the street, watching Russian talk shows with my host family, and reading up on Central Asian news. Get in touch with me at c.wood83@gmail.com

I started Prekrasno in 2011 as a way to update my family on my whereabouts while traveling in the summer. It’s grown to be a catalogue of my (mis)adventures at home and abroad. From Ukraine to Turkey to the Balkans and now in Kyrgyzstan, I’ve made this blog a place to share stories of the people, food, and cultures of countries that many people never have a chance to visit.


Welcome aboard.