Beauty Around the World: Part 1 Peru

My friend and fellow Kyrgyzstan PCV Steph writes a beauty blog, and based on my recommendation started a series that explores how PCVs around the world stay beautiful. The first interview is with friend-crush and PCV Brittany from Peru — check out the beauty blog, check out Brittany’s blog, check out all the blogs.


My dear friend and blog idol Colleen ( suggested this idea for my blog when I was in a bit of a creative slump.  Talk to Peace Corps volunteers around the world about beauty and how they feel beautiful at site and different beauty standards where they live.  So I did.  My first entry in the series is with my friend Brittany White who is serving in Peru and is also blog goals ( we became obsessed with Britt when we discovered her blog during the Blog It Home contest and because Colleen and I are both shameless we stalked the shit out of her and followed her on all social media platforms possible and declared that we would all be friends.  Her blog is amazingly beautiful and she always posts gorgeous photos on her Instagram ( of her community. So lets get down to it.
I’m Brittany and I’m…

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