Summer + Crunch Time

The Peace Corps Blog it Home contest is still going on (STILL, yeah, I know)… TL;DR about this contest: I’m a finalist in a blogging competition and if I do well in this final round of voting, I can go to DC for a conference with other volunteers that will involve all kinds of cultural exchange and professional development opportunities. Please cast your votes for my blog by clicking HERE and hitting “like” and pressing “share.” Sharing is caring, after all.

This contest is just one week in a summer that’s felt like forever. I’ve been all over the country this summer, taking trips for work and for leisure. I’ve attended trainings, given trainings, lounged a lot, and sipped on enough kymys to last me a lifetime (slight exaggeration, I’ve come to like the stuff).

I’m tired tired tired out by summer, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won a grant to organize a summer camp for teachers in really rural areas that haven’t had Peace Corps volunteers in more than half a decade, and I’ve got less than a week to wrap up the budgeting, the lesson planning, and the organizing. Maybe I’ve earned myself a few gray hairs from putting this camp together, but I am so looking forward to working with these teachers (and, admittedly, the moment when the camp is finished, the selfies are taken, and I’m on the road back to Cholpon-Ata for good).

And now, the last month in pictures. Apologies that there are barely any pictures; my camera roll is sparse, which means I these must have captured some good moments.

osh sunset
aika is 13 now
kara jorgo kids
the lake


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