“Blog it Home,” Welcome to Prekrasno

If you landed here thanks to Peace Corps’ Blog it Home contest, welcome! I’m Colleen, and I’m glad to have you here reading this blog. Please cast your votes for my blog by clicking HERE and hitting “like.”

For the competition, I had to choose one (yeah, ONE) photo to encapsulate all of Kyrgyzstan. It wasn’t easy, but after sifting through thousands of pictures and making shortlist after shortlist, I settled upon this gem:

ejes on a mountain

It’s not a super flashy picture, there’s no yurt or closeup of a baby — but this is Kyrgyzstan to me. There’s the young-meets-old dynamic, in which a young girl in a t-shirt and shorts helps an older eje in a headscarf to slide down a rock; there’s the reimagining-the-traditional dynamic, in which these people have gathered on a sacred mountain that served as a pilgrimage points for Muslims during the Soviet Union; there’s beautiful Osh City with its windy mahalla streets and monster samsas for sale down below. I love this country so much, and there’s just something about this picture that speaks to that love.

If you’re a first-time reader, I’d suggest looking at the “About” pages to get to know more about me and Kyrgyzstan. Once it’s all clear who’s writing this stuff and where this country is, you’ll be ready to graduate to the big leagues. If you’ve already read my 10 favorite posts, here are a few more gems from the past 15 months of service:

Thanks so much for reading Prekrasno – whether you just stumbled upon this blog today or you’ve been reading for years (looking at you, GGP), I’m thankful for your support! Voting lasts from August 11-August 15, so first VOTE then tell everyone you know to do the same. Let’s bring KG to DC!!!


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