Bring KG to DC with “Blog it Home”

It’s the Third Goal of Peace Corps service to promote a better understanding of the host country on behalf of Americans, and since I first accepted my invitation to serve in Peace Corps, I’ve been all about dispelling the mystery surrounding Kyrgyzstan.

For three years, Peace Corps has hosted a “Blog it Home” competition to spotlight blogs that do a spectacular job of “Third Goal’ing” about their host country. Prekrasno was selected as a finalist in the fourth annual “Blog it Home” contest! Out of over 300 submissions, this blog was picked to be in the Top 20 – say whaaaaat?

[Update: Vote for Prekrasno HERE!]


Now comes the final round of the competition, aka time to get to business. From August 11-15, Peace Corps will host a Facebook vote, after which they’ll combine the total number of votes (aka Facebook likes on a picture I chose) with the scores my blog received from a panel of judges. The top 8 are brought to DC in October for a conference that mixes Third Goal activities with professional development opportunities.

Кудай буйруса/Kudai buirusa/God willing (Insha’allah), I’ll be able to represent Kyrgyzstan in this 3rd goal extravaganza! I’ll need your help, loyal readers, to get there — so mark your calendars to vote and share, share, share between August 11-15!

To tide you over until voting starts in a week, here are my ten favorite posts:

  1. Why I Joined Peace Corps
  2. The First Day of School (Psych.)
  3. Kymyz, or the Kyrgyz Word for “Not for the Faint of Heart”
  4. I’m a Grown Woman (Maybe)
  5. Remembering World War II in Kyrgyzstan
  6. The Strangeness of Being an Official Representative of the United States
  7. Sing the Songs of the Land You’re In
  8. Crushin’ Krussian, or Code-Switching in Kyrgyzstan
  9. Informal $avings Groups and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Kyrgyzstan
  10. “I Do” Love a Good Kyrgyz Wedding



And for good measure, a Kyrgyz thanks: Чын жүрөктөн рахмат, Chyn jurokton rakhmat, and a Russian one to boot: Благодарю от всей души, Blagodaryu ot vsei dushi.





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