Fifteen Miles of Jalalabad

I’ve been obsessed with Dennis Keen’s project Walking Almaty for some time now — he’s been walking the streets of Almaty, a major city in southern Kazakhstan that I visited last October, for a few years now. He categorizes bits and pieces of the city’s urban landscape: cemeteries, elevated gas lines, wooden benches. Looking through pages of his blog, I see a lot of visual markers that remind me of Jalal-Abad and many other cities I’ve visited in former Soviet countries.

This week, I started tracking the walk between my house and my university – it’s about 3 miles each way, a little more or less depending on the main road taken. Over time, I hope to post pictures of what I see on these walks, both ordinary sites and wacky things that catch my eye. I’d also like to post maps to show my progress in walking all the streets of Jalal-Abad. Fifteen miles is a meager beginning, but I’m excited to keep walking this city and sharing what I see and learn.

cool angles
crane for elections
gorgeous ceiling
colors and wood
red car grapes
honey for sale
i <3 you


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