For When Internet Jok 2

Classes have started, which means I’ve got a lot less time to lurk aimlessly in places that have free internet. Never fear, I’ve done a good job accumulating tabs to entertain myself in my little concrete compound (with internet jok, of course). Here’s the best of what I’ve got:

Türk kahvesi - kapalıçarşı

I’m missing Türk kahvesi and all things Turkish very much right now…..

“There is much confusion about democracy in any case, argued Jacques Barzun, the cultural historian, in 1986. “A permanent feature of American opinion and action in foreign policy is the wish, the hope, that other nations might turn from the error of their ways and become democracies,” he wrote. But democracies differ, he said, and asked: “What is it exactly that we want others to copy?” Are Western values losing their sway?

“So, why debate? In addition to providing meaningful listening, speaking and writing practice, debate is also highly effective for developing argumentation skills for persuasive speech and writing.” Teaching Debate to ESL Students

“I’ve never worn a suit more frequently, nor better, than when I was 17.” I Was the Best Fake Attorney in America

“It is an amazing thing when you meet ‘that person’ who becomes a dear friend overnight. That seems to happen a lot as a Peace Corps Volunteer.” Week 12: Friends, from the blog of two Peace Corps volunteers in the Zambia

“Once I saw that there were enough places in the US that were European-themed, I wondered if there was anything American in Europe, and they’re actually all over. There’s some in France, Spain—basically every country has a wacky, Wild West theme park. They have a real love for Pioneer Day Americana. They’re, like, fascinated with Native Americans and cowboys.” Photos of the Culturally and Geographically Confused

“In the chronicles of coffee, Ottomans take credit for introducing the great stimulating drink to Europe in the 17th century. By that time, coffeehouses — arguably the first centers of public opinion — were thriving in Istanbul, unnerving the Sublime Porte. Ottomans of all walks of life mingled in the coffeehouses, discussing anything from religion to politics, long before the Parisian cafes became the meeting point of writers and revolutionaries.” After 500 years, Turkish coffee percolates in popularity

“With the ruble unstable, and sanctions and tensions over Ukraine, the flights on Delta lately have had too many empty seats—a logical reason for their cancellation—but I hope that Delta revises this decision. There is only one Delta flight: The Delta Flight as expats call it. And on that flight, those few hours in the air were a kind of freedom, a relief from the confusions of a life abroad. On the Delta flight I was more at home than in either country the plane would take me.” The Last Flight out of Moscow

“The study of 12 languages across eight different language families found that people try to clarify confusing statements about once every 90 seconds.” What Did You Say? (The “clarifying word” in Kyrgyz is really confusing – expect a post on it soon)


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