Balkan Dispatches: Split

A trip to Split wasn’t originally in the plans, but due to bus connectivity issues, we made our way down the Dalmatian coast to this ancient city with a very multicultural history. Mom and I walked a great deal in the evening, looking for a pizza place recommended to us by our host. Unfortunately the place was closed for the season, but we managed to find a place that cooked delicious pašticada, a sort of beef stew that is apparently best served in Split.

In the morning we wandered through the Diocletian’s Palace. After a few turns around the labyrinthine paths, I learned the landmarks and was able to get around without a map or getting too lost. We ate a huge breakfast at an outdoor café, where we people watched before it was time to set out for the bus station. Again….I would love to return to Split, if only in the summer time to see the town at its peak. I’ve read several articles comparing Split to Alanya, and based on my impressions of both cities in November, it seems Split has done a better job at maintaining a certain level of authenticity that Alanya just lacks. I wonder whether this is the case in summer months, though.
Split square
Wandering in Split
i like you, too
Lucky toe peeks out
Entering the church
Religion in the wall


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