Balkan Dispatches: Plitvice Lakes

I originally included Plitvice (pronounced PLIT-veech-yeh) on the itinerary to give mom her fix of nature and rocks. It ended up causing more logistical troubles than it was worth, I think, especially given the season. Our bus got in a bit late; the bus “station” was really just a wooden shack on a road in the middle of the woods; our original hostel booking ended up falling through; we had to walk nearly 2 miles to find the next closest hotel; the only bus out of the park was pretty early in the morning, meaning we couldn’t tour the actual lakes. The hotel we ended up staying in was this really bizarre place; a giant, giant hotel in the middle of a state park.

Even so, the short time we did spend walking around (that 2 mile walk counts!) by the lake made the trip to Plitvice worth the trouble. There were beautiful waterfalls, the trees were at peak color, and the weather was that perfect fall mix of warm and cool wind.

forest by the lakes
plitvice waterfall
fall colors
plitvice lakes
boats on plitvice
duck buddy


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