Cat House: The Rewards of Wandering

Turkish class was cancelled last Thursday, leaving my afternoon with a few extra hours to myself. Rather than watch television or read, both tempting prospects, I opted to walk around Alanya for three hours before dinner.

I was well rewarded for my wandering.

Just behind the main stretch of clubs, which in the day are sad and empty and leave a weird feeling about why anyone would go there at night, I saw plastic cats affixed to some shrubbery. Intrigued, I followed the path and eventually stumbled on Alanya’s Kedi Evi, or Cat House. It is a fenced off park with wooden structures for the city’s cats to climb, jump, play, and – obviously – nap. There were friendly kitties all over the place, rolling on their backs and rubbing against passerby hoping for a pet. One bold cat jumped into my lap and began to purr immediately.

After trying and failing to leave this cat for twenty minutes, I finally continued on my journey.

I walked up and down the main streets and back alleys of Alanya for another hour and a half until I started back to the villa. Passing the harbor, I realized I had never before walked to the lighthouse, and so resolved to take the side journey. Along the way, I saw men catching fish right next to a sign that explicitly forbade fishing; a few men building a boat; girls riding scooters; a couple fighting angrily in a mix of English and Turkish. I squinted at the mountain to locate my apartment and the villa. For all the hours I’ve spent on the balconies of those places, I couldn’t remember how easy it was to spot people, and so couldn’t decide whether I would be recognizable to someone looking at the lighthouse.

With the golden hour approaching, I walked back to the villa.

kedi evikedi friend
sleeping kitty
gorgeous ships



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