Caught my eye

In the spirit of my previous post:

Every person seated on the bus was wearing a soldier’s uniform, except for the one woman – blonde, in civilian garb – sitting in the front seat.

Just beyond the string of balloons hanging above the water, a tiny fishing boat – probably meant only to hold one or two people on board – bobbed its way across the water. Ten men shared the tiny space, some sitting with their feet overboard and others crouched on the roof. Their smiles seemed to show that they were enjoying the moment, taking in the sun.

There was a small lighthouse, blue and white, next to a traffic light. While waiting for the green light, I watched a man circle the lighthouse several times and shout down to the water. Was he shouting to a friend? Someone in need of a help? A person the man had pushed into the water? I looked away for a moment, and when my eyes came back to the lighthouse, the man was gone. Not a second later, the man was running at full speed and lept into the water to join whomever was below.

Three brides (each with different expectations for modesty, judging by their gowns) waited their turn at the best photo spot in Emirgan Park. The swans, some black and some white, didn’t seem to realize how coveted their place to swim was for wedding photographs.

Türk kahvesi - kapalıçarşı
Squirrel in Emirgan Park


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