Keşke in Turkish means “If only.”

Keşke I had a cat. Keşke I were back in Olympos. Keşke I had more time for this paper. There’s a lot of this wishful thinking that’s not necessarily productive. I am motivated, though, to avoid too many regretful keşkes in the future. Next year, wherever I am, I don’t want to think to myself, “If only I had been here in DC, done this at school, spent more time with these people…”

It may not have been the most productive week, but it’s been a beautiful one at Georgetown. The colors and the coolness are perfect. It’s strange to think I wasn’t here for this last year. I barely remember the bright colors of all the trees on campus from sophomore and freshman year – for memory’s sake, here’s a bit of what I see every day.

view from the door
key koprusu
Old North


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