One Year Ago

A year ago, I was gallivanting through Eastern Europe with friends – sneaking our way onto a nighttime boat tour of the Danube in Budapest, watching Romanian football games in Bucharest, and playing cards until the wee hours of the morning with Brits and Blondie. Everything about that trip was perfect – except, maybe while walking with all our bags and without having eaten for several hours, searching for an impossible-to-find hostel in the middle of the night in Bulgaria. But only maybe.

In October, Catherine and I packed away our homework and stress and escaped rainy, gloomy DC for a weekend. We took a bus to New York to visit Bowen, the third Musketeer of sorts from our Eastern European adventure. The only thing that made it onto my NY-To-Do List: The High Line. The only touristy thing I did in NY: The High Line. It was glorious to spend the weekend doing nothing but laughing, lounging, and eating delicious food.

It’s strange how things can change in a year, no?



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