Wisdom from Unexpected Places

It’s been a good week for life advice from strangers.

Last Tuesday, Rebecca and I popped into Tombs before class. There, we met Tom, an older guy who told us he was in DC to see his mom in the hospital. He was visiting every bar he used to haunt in his teen years – Tombs, Thirds, Guards… It was funny to hear him talk about “Georgetown girls” and how, apparently, “Nothing’s changed.” We asked him to offer us some advice.

At first, he said, “Let it come to you.” We nodded in agreement, muttering something along the lines of, “Wow, so wise – that’s great.” Later, after talking a few more minutes, he turned to Rebecca and said, “You’ve got to ask for what you want. Take it, don’t sit back.”

Confused at the contradiction to the previous advice, I asked Tom what he meant. He quickly responded, “Not, that last one was just for you.” It’s amazing to see how immediately this guy got a sense of our personalities. We hugged Tom goodbye and wished good health to his mother before leaving to go to class.

It’s also just been beautiful around Georgetown. Cooler, but not cold; lovely sunsets; and pretty shadows around campus. I love fall here.

Fall in Georgetown
Walking in Georgetown
Fall sunset
Carroll at night


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