Larnaca, Cyprus

We left Greece in the early morning, taking the metro into the Athens airport (and lucking out without having to pay the special steep airport ticket price) and sipping on expensive Nescafe while waiting for our plane to (Southern) Cyprus. The flight was short, and we passed over many islands on the way. We stood in the non-EU passport holders line with hundreds of Russians, and after having our passports and long-term Turkish visas inspected, we passed into the scorching hot of Larnaca.

Our hotel was tucked in a bizarre industrial neighborhood, and after walking in the intense heat to find any store open on a Sunday to get Cypriot beer for lunch and toothpaste for basic hygiene maintenance, we lounged near the rooftop pool for much of the afternoon. We decided the heat was too much for us to walk a half hour into the city center, so we waited until late afternoon to wander toward the beach. Our neighborhood was so strange – everything was empty, we saw no people walking around, everything looked closed except for nightclubs and “dance houses” that probably were just strip clubs. Finally, we made it to the shore, where normal restaurants and groups of people started to pop up. On our walk, we had seen a large billboard advertising an “all you can eat” special at Pizza Hut – naturally, we made a B line for the Pizza Hut and managed to eat two pizzas (sharing some with a cat and stowing away two pieces in a plastic shopping bag for breakfast). It was very enjoyable, and I apologize for the lack of information about actual Cypriot food.

We wandered for a bit through the Turkish quarter – we were drawn in by a large mosque situated near the water, and it was really interesting to read Turkish words and names written in Greek letters. After our brief exploring session, we made the long journey back to our strange industrial neighborhood, stopping to get baklava on the way. We spent the evening watching strange Greek movies and music videos until the late hour of 10pm, when we decided to wake up early and head to the other side of the island in the morning.

Pacman graffiti
Mosque/ Greek restaurant
Mosque entrance - for ladies
Lion on the seaside


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