A Perfect Day in Istanbul

Ah, a perfect day. Rebecca and I woke up early, with nothing to do but drink Nescafé (how I’ve missed you) and eat eggs with beyaz peynir and olives (how I love you). After several hours of lounging and planning the next two weeks, we set out for Taksim Square – one of the main sites of intense protests in Turkey this summer – to find the Istanbul Culinary Institute. There, we had fancy kebap and eggplant tortellini with homemade strawberry lemonade to drink. The food was exquisite, and it was nice to sit for a whole there and enjoy the ambience of the Institute.

We rushed in a cab to the ferry dock after lunch, making it just in time on the boat to Adalar – Prince’s Islands. There was a man selling a culinary contraption for slicing and scraping the skin off various vegetables – his presentation was met with applause and many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs,’ a scene I expect I would never see in the US. Upon reaching the islands, we scoped out each one, looking for prime beach space. Finally we picked an island with beautiful houses, horse drawn carriages, and a Mado ice cream store to explore. Having spent an hour or so lounging on the world’s smallest beach, listening to waves, ocean spray, and children playing, we walked to the dondurma store for dessert. The lounge chairs were so incredibly comfortable and the ice cream delicious, but after it was time to head back to the mainland. During the hour long ferry ride, Rebecca slept while I read, until we both admired the presence of two Turkish-speaking guys who had French books and fancy cameras until we docked at Kabataş.

The whole day we wondered at how amazing the opportunity to relax in such gorgeous surroundings really is. Tomorrow, we leave with a one-way ticket to Athens, and a new adventure begins.

On the ferry
Train station Anadolu side
Feet from the ferry
BREAD and lemonade
Kebap reimagined
Istanbul culinary institute dinner
Adalar ferry
Old house on Adalar
Cute nazar symbol on Adalar house
Boat home on Adalar
Adalar beach


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