On the water in Istanbul

What with the heavy rain that took over Istanbul this weekend, the whole city felt like it was underwater. Torrents of water flowed down the streets and taxis speeding down the road splashed huge puddles of dirty water on passerby. I spent a lot of time near the Bosphorus (the strait dividing Asia and Europe) and the Golden Horn (an inlet of water separating Istanbul on the European side). Here are some pictures from my ferryboat adventure, from chatting with fishermen on Galata Bridge, and from my walks around the city.

Galata tower
On the Bosphorus
From Galata Bridge
Yeni Cami
Boat restaurant
Crossing the bridge
Golden Horn walking

Look – sea creatures! I was standing on the bridge admiring the city when an older man standing a few feet away exclaimed something in Turkish and pointed excitedly toward some animals (dolphins? porpoises? what?) jumping around in the water. It was really neat to see, but I hope those little guys don’t suffocate on pollution and oil and garbage in the water.
Sea creatures in the Golden Horn


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