Bergama // Pergammon

At Bergama, we took the funicular up to the top of the city. There, I separated from the group and climbed around on my own. It was really nice to explore the top of this cliff by myself – it brought back lovely memories of struggling to the top of the mountain in Tblisi or my adventure in Alupka. There was a strange man with a chainsaw which caused me to turn the other direction, but I still had a half hour of solitude and time for reflection while looking at a giant tree. Except for the terribly long line for the bathroom, the trip to Bergama was quite enjoyable.

After walking around the ancient city, we had an hour to spend in the contemporary town at the bottom of the hill. I sat at a cafe and had tea (for free!) while writing and thinking. There was a store selling rocks and rock jewelry (get excited, mom) and many Ottoman-era antique stores. Afterward, we packed everything up and set out on a long busride for Assos.

Amphitheatre at Bergama
Amphitheatre of Bergama
View from the top of Bergama
Tree at the Zeus temple
Bergama rug


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