Halloween in Alanya

We had a Halloween adventure in a local elementary school last week. The night of Halloween, we painted a pumpkin, decorated masks, and made a list of CRITICAL Halloween candy to bring to the kids at the school. The next afternoon, we loaded up the boxes of candy, popcorn, and pumpkin seeds, donned our masks, and prepared for the chaos of the elementary school. When we opened the door to the classroom, we were greeted by a kid doing a backflip and another dancing Gangnam Style (that video’s for you, grandma – check it out and you’ll never regret it). Needless to say, things were a bit hectic. We managed to teach the kids to say “Trick or Treat” and passed out candy to them. Initially, they were polite and calm, but once the teacher told them they could take more than one piece of candy.. things got crazy. One kid (the cool kid) stuffed handfuls of candy into his pockets and down his pants. Fortunately, our looks of horror or amusement or a strange combination of both were covered by painted cat masks. It’s important to maintain a level of respect and authority in a classroom, you know.

After our classroom adventure, we had our own Halloween party in the Lojman. Themed drinks (Spooky Bombs, Monster Mash, Istanblood – the usuals), candied apples, and silly costumes abounded. Halloween in Turkey was certainly not the same as in the US or at Georgetown, but it will be a memory I look back on with a smile for a long, long time.

Nese's mask
Sassy cat mask
Yet more masks
Even more masks
More masks
Happy halloween
Classroom chaos
Classroom excitement
Trick or treat!


2 thoughts on “Halloween in Alanya

  1. GP says:

    Colleen, re Halloween, you mention a video with the school kid dancing. I didn’t locate it on your blog. Send me the web. Your pics and trips are outstanding. Miss you. Love, GP

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