Brasov, Romania

After Cluj, we took an early-morning bus to Brasov. The bus ride, although cold, passed fairly quickly with silly roadtrip games, long naps, and large volumes of snacks. At times, it seemed as though we were driving into a foggy abyss, but our vampire bus driver knew what he was doing and we arrived safely in Brasov.

Australians we had met in Cluj advised us to take the hike up Tampa mountain in Brasov to admire the Hollywood-like sign that stands above the city. Our trio set off enthusiastically, climbing and laughing and climbing some more.. Until, unfortunately, we took a wrong turn at the symbol of the blue and white stripes and ended up taking the long path all the way around the mountain. Nearly at the top, Catherine and I mutinied and had to sit down for a break – little did we know that an incredibly lovely view was waiting for us only 20 feet away. We finished the climb, admired the view, climbed on the Brasov sign, and made our way slowly back down the mountain to find dinner. We met some really entertaining people in Brasov, including a Swedish and Californian pair, three American students studying in Istanbul, and a South Korean living in Australia named Matthew.



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