Old Ankara City and the Castle

We spent a day walking through Old Ankara City, which included a tour of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, an adventure at Ankara Castle, and a stroll through the nuts and dried fruit market.

Mom, I know you hate Fig Newtons, but I think if you could eat figs from Turkey, you might be persuaded otherwise. These figs and dried apricots were so incredibly delicious that everyone in the group had to try (at least) one.
Figs and dried apricots
Trying snacks

While walking up toward the castle, we met a small group of boys who asked if I speak English. I replied yes, which prompted some recited poetry in a mix of Turkish and English that I could not understand at all. Regardless of the language barrier, we became fast friends, and the boys followed us up a ways until we climbed to the castle.
My friend

The views from the castle were amazing. There were no barriers at the top, which made for a dizzying experience. The size of these cities is totally incomprehensible to me.. They seem to go on forever, until they eventually lose themselves in some hazy fog far away. Most everyone climbed to the very top of the castle, and we spent a lot of time photographing the city and each other.
View from Ankara castle
Ankara castle
Looking over Ankara


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