Ankara: Lavaş restaurant

Every day that we were in Ankara, we had lunch at a restaurant called Lavaş (pronounced Lavash). I don’t think this was initially the plan, but the restaurant owners fell in love with our group, which made it very difficult to turn down invitations to return. The first day I ate there, I had eggplant kebap. When I tried to eat it, a waiter stopped me, took my fork and knife, and promptly began to cut up the meat and eggplant until he was satisfied. Although initially alarming, I’m glad I let him prepare it – otherwise I would definitely have eaten the charred eggplant skin.

Lunch at Lavash
Lunch at Lavash
Lunch at Lavash

We have a very attractive group, clearly born ready for the camera. If you’re ever in Ankara, please visit Lavaş and tell them “Merhaba” from the Georgetown students!


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