Bosphorus Boat Tour

On Friday, we took a lovely boat tour of the Bosphorus Strait. We left around 10:30 in the morning, and after shuffling around the boat looking for the best seat, we finally settled for the bench outside situated along the side of the ferry. Our view was fabulous, and aside from having to move around so the staff could pass by us to the kitchen and a few moments of shade when the sun snuck behind a cloud, the trip was great. Our destination was a tiny fishing village near the coast of the Black Sea. There we had lunch (a fixe menu with calamari, salad, and sea bass) and climbed a mountain to explore a Genoese castle.

Although the climb was difficult, the views along the way made up for the physical exertion. Once inside the castle walls, most of the area was blocked off by rope – but that did not stop two of my friends and me from jumping over and exploring the off-limits area. We sat on a rock overlooking the Black Sea coast and peeking through holes in the wall until the keeper of the keys approached us, speaking loudly in Turkish. One of my friends speaks Turkish and was able to avoid a fine from the man. We joked around and said that instead of a fine, we would bring him some coffee and cake from one of the cafes below the castle.

Once we left the castle, our group sat in one of the cafes overlooking the Bosphorus and ate ice cream while listening to Enya. The strangest music is popular here, but in violin versions. Other popular tunes have included Hava Nagila and Strangers in the Night, which I’ve really appreciated.


Along the way, there were so many adorable houses situated on the coast. Although this one was a restaurant, this would be such a perfect place to live I think.


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