Food in Istanbul

After every meal, I can’t imagine ever being hungry again. What with the mountains of bread at the table, tons of meze, and the gigantic portions, it’s no wonder I haven’t grown to the size of a house. But all the walking we do each day has helped me to build up quite an appetite. Fortunately, Turkish food is absolutely delicious, so it is not a problem to eat a lot.

Here I am at the pide restaurant, showing off my pide (which really reminded me of Georgian khachapuri) next to the restaurant’s picture of it.

Desserts in Turkey are really fabulous, too. I especially like baklava. The other day, our director, Nese, bought our group a box of baklava (obviously because we’re so smart/wonderful/great). It was gone almost instantly, as we ate it with Turkish tea and coffee.

Someone in the group bought a bottle of şalgam – fermented turnip juice – which is advertised as very spicy. It was a character building thing to take a sip and then get rid of the taste by eating something else… But it was interesting, regardless. A professor explained that you’re supposed to drink it while eating kebap, not just as a normal beverage.

I don’t usually bring my camera to dinner, but I’ll try to get photos of some of my other favorite foods – so far manti and dolma are at the top of the list.


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