After an hour-long train ride to the Tbilisi airport and four hours waiting in said airport, I was finally on my way to Istanbul, the last city on my Black Sea adventure. The view from my hostel is absolutely amazing:
hagia sofia at night
Hagia Sofia
terrace view

I went for a walk along the Bosphorus, which is a tiny strip of water that connects the Black Sea to the rest of the world’s oceans. I had lunch at a cafe where I could see the water and chatted with a man from Uzbekistan for a while about the city and the tourists.
bosphorus balloons
across the bosphorus
The bridge linking Europe to Asia
There were many men sitting on the rocks by the water, fishing or soaking up some sun – but there were no women that joined them.

Georgian food, you were great, but seriously Turkish cuisine is so so so delicious. Hummus and warm bread that looked crunchy but was so soft and delicious vegetables, so tasty.
veggie platter lunch

I walked around Gülhane Park, where I found the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, a dream museum for a student in my major, basically. There were exhibits about the advances in mathematics, medicine, clocks, physics, chemistry, and astronomy made by Arabs and Turks.
There were many fascinating globes and maps, too. The parts of the world yet undiscovered were just left blank, and the Arabic script was very beautiful.

Later, I walked around the courtyard between the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque before getting some doner for dinner – another YUM, and photos forthcoming.
blue mosque
blue mosque
hagia sofia


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