Narikala Fortress – ნარიყალა

Today I made the trek (10 kilometers there and back) to the Narikala Fortress. I walked and walked, through residential areas, through streets lined with wedding dress shops (seriously, how big is the market for weddings here??), past cafes and restaurants, the whole time keeping the top of the mountain in view.
When I reached the stairs, I had sort of a “Ummm so I really have to climb all the way to the top?” moment? But, I managed to get there (with a few stops along the way, of course), and the view from the top was FANTASTIC.

There was a church situated at the lower base of the fortress, but once I climbed further up, I had great views of Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia). The statue holds a cup of wine in one hand and a sword in the other, to greet guests and ward off unwanted visitors.

Kids were climbing all over the place, and I could not for the life of me figure out how they got way up there. I was content without crawling up super steep rock walls, though.

I was a little scared of the grey skies, but managed to get home just in time to avoid the rain and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. (And also eat some McDonald’s in celebration of the Fourth of July, of course)


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