Batumi – ბათუმი

After an eleven hour train ride from Simferopol to Odessa, I wandered around Odessa at 5 in the morning waiting for McDonalds to open and minibuses to start running. Fortunately, McDonalds opened early and I helped an American guy who looked confused and was holding a Russian-English dictionary order a milkshake for breakfast. After a McMuffin (just what the Doctor ordered, yum), I asked around for how to get to the airport by minibus. Of course, different people told me different bus numbers, which involved me wandering in the half-mile radius of the train station for an hour and a half before just taking a cab.

At the airport, a man told me that my luggage would not make it with me all the way to Georgia… And, in a total “told you so” moment, my luggage did not make it all the way to Batumi. In a moment of deja vu, I waited outside the Batumi International Airport stress eating Turkish Delight while waiting for the bus when I gave up and just grabbed a cab.

IT’S SO HOT IN BATUMI. Even at night, it was above 30 degrees Celsius. But the light hit the sea and the buildings just so, and the beauty of the city as night approached made me resent the airport just a little less.


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