Den’ Goroda – Day of the City

I stopped for lunch the other day at a restaurant called “Traktir.” Usually I buy groceries and cook my meals at the hostel, but I was really hungry for something other than dumplings.. so I got these golubtsi, which are meat/rice/vegetable things wrapped in cabbage, some salad of tomatoes, brysga (a type of cheese), and olives, and some beer – all for about $7.

After lunch I wandered around, went back to the hostel, and read for a while.. Until I heard drums and trumpets outside. I ignored it, but then I heard bagpipes, which totally piqued my curiosity. I went outside to see what the commotion was and saw this parade, which the woman at the hostel explained was probably for “Den’ Goroda,” or “Day of the City.” It was a very international parade, as I saw marching bands from France, Turkey, Germany, and Ukraine. It was very fun, and people filled the streets and sidewalks and balconies to watch.

When the Ukrainians passed, people crowded around and marched behind the band.


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