The other day, I took a trip out to , or as it is pronounced in Russian “Khersones.” It was so difficult to find, honestly, I can’t imagine how people who don’t speak Russian could find it so quickly. I didn’t know where to get off the bus, and as a result of not asking, had to walk (read: chose not to take a bus in the other direction) several kilometers to this market, called Tsum. From Tsum, I asked for directions, which were easy enough to comprehend, but it was such a long walk – I didn’t check how long I walked, but it felt as though I walked on FOREVER. Once I got to Chersonesus, though, it was all right because the ruins were beautiful and the beach excellent.

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral sits on a hill overlooking the ruins, and its gold roof shone so bright in the sun and was so nice to photograph.

There was also a secluded little beach that you could see by looking over a cliff and finding the steep stairs that led to the sea. There weren’t many people there, and I sat and read (and looked for rocks for mom) for a while.

At another beach, which wasn’t really a beach, but had water and sand, I waded in the water, watched kids splash around, and looked at the little fish swim by the shore.

As it often goes, the trek back home was much easier to manage and navigate than the journey to Chersonesus. It was actually a little surprising how quickly time seemed to go by walking back, in comparison to how slowly the minutes passed walking to the ruins.


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