Yesterday I went with a few people from the hostel to visit Balaklava, which is not far from Sevastopol’s city center. As usual, riding the minibus somewhere for the first time involved getting lost (it’s always so awkward asking to get off.. especially when you don’t know where you’re getting off..) BUT – the views were immediately spectacular.

The water is so blue! Crimea is one of the areas around the Black Sea in which the water is not so badly polluted.. But I got my first glimpse of jellyfish, which are everywhere in the water (we’ll talk about the environmental implications of their huge populations later).

Since we were traveling as a group of people who don’t really know each other, the paralysis of group think was especially painful. It was silent “what are we going to do” group think, in which we just sort of stood there for a while. Until we asked, and found directions to the submarine museum.

At the submarine museum, the tourguide spoke too quickly for me to understand, so I just took pictures and tried to imagine what the people would do in the creepy submarine base dug into the side of a cliff.


After walking back and forth 2 kilometers to the submarine museum from city center, we found the bus back to Sevastopol. I found some groceries, made myself a nice dinner, and then went out for a walk around Sevastopol. I ended up walking several kilometers, until I got hungry again.. So I grabbed an ice cream bar for 50 cents 🙂



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