Trip to Turkish Castle

Monday was a day off, which I spent going on a little adventure with Marina and her father to a Castle! It was about an hour’s drive away, because had to drive around the lagoon/liman. Her father explained that there’s a project in the works to just build a bridge across it, or something, which would make the trip only 15 minutes.

The drive was lovely — we drove for a long time on a road that touches both the Black Sea and the lagoon. It was amazing to see how different they looked, but feel as though I was crossing a bridge to who knows where.

Other interesting sights on the drive included: a herd of goats crossing the street, a guy in a very tiny swimsuit standing by his motorcycle, a whimsical resort town (similar to Arkadiya, I guess, but it traded diskoteka for roadside ice cream shops).

The view from the castle was great, and the day was perfect for an outdoor adventure.
By the entrance, there were huge ruins that went on nearly to the coast of the lagoon, I’m sure.
Marina’s father pointed out Ovidiopol’ from the castle – which was where we had started! A long drive, indeed…

It might seem as though the doors to the castle wouldn’t be that heavy… But they really were difficult to open, especially with the wind pushing against the back.

Every year, they do a historical re-enactment which includes jousting or knight-fighting or something – translation fail – but unfortunately we missed it by a few days.
We could have paid a few griven to channel our inner knight and launch something from a catapult or sit in the “Organ of death,” but we just laughed at the sign instead…

There were tons of nooks and crannies to explore, and had I not been wearing a dress I probably would have tried climbing up the walls like those boys. The managers had put up tons of signs near the steps saying “DANGER” “FORBIDDEN TO CLIMB” but people were climbing all over the place and taking glamour shots from the top of the castle.

I figured climbing stairs wouldn’t be as improper as scaling the wall – so Marina and I were adventurous and pulled ourselves up the steep steps to get a better view of everything.

Mom – I tried to put one of these in my purse but the guards noticed and made me put it back.


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