Biking Adventure on the Sea

Today, we went on a biking adventure around the Black Sea. Marina and I rented bikes and rode along “The Rode of Health.” The chaos of tourist, rollerbladers, mothers with buggies, and other bikers took a little while to get used to, but I quickly figured out how to navigate everything without crashing into people or babies. We rode all the way to “Arkadiya,” which is basically a town made entirely of diskoteka dance parties and bars. Marina says no one lives there, there are just dance parties.

We kept riding, and found a nice beach to sit on for a while. The water was very cold, so we didn’t go swimming, but the people-watching was a great time.

I saw many things while on this adventure..

  • Two weddings
  • At least fifty babies
  • Many tiny swimsuits
  • Ruins from a Turkish castle
  • A Ferris wheel
  • A crowd of dogs outside the grocery store




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