We eat like kings in Prague

In Europe, our food budget was 2 euro per person per day. Somehow, we made this work for the first week and a half.. but by the time we got to Prague, in the Czech Republic, we were too hungry and too tired to care about the budget. We also had no idea what the exchange rate was (somewhere around 40 crona to a dollar, maybe?), and it was too much math for us to handle. The obvious solution to this was to throw the budget out the window and eat whatever we wanted. Whence, our motto for Prague: “In Prague, we eat like kings!”

We had this delicious food – covered in dill (gotta love Eastern Europe spice habits), and it was gone within 10 minutes. Fortunately, we had a friend to sit with us and help us digest all the food:

This little kitty sat and nuzzled with us while we ate and chatted.

After our meal, we walked around the city for a while. Prague is very beautiful, and it was strange that it was warmer in Prague than in Amsterdam.. There were also camels riding around, for what we assumed to be an Orthodox Christmas celebration.


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