NYC: Food

Sure, the sights and neighborhoods of New York were amazing to see and experience. But let’s be real about what will be some of the more memorable aspects of the trip – the taste of tacos, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, and the “no-regrets-allowed” street vendor hotdog.

Our first night in New York, we went to this lovely Mexican restaurant, Toloache. Delicious guacamole, phenomenal paella, and perfect tacos – can’t beat it.


Another night we spent at Japanese restaurants in SoHo. The restaurant where we had the full dinner had 9 or 10 tables (which were huge) fitted with grills, where people cooked their own food. We had shrimp, squid, chicken, beef, and vegetables galore (plus dipping sauces and sides). And just when I thought I could eat no more, chocolate ice cream and green tea found their way to the table.


One of my favorite places we dined at was called SoHo Park – from the outside, it didn’t look very big.. But inside was fitted like a greenhouse, and there were trees with Christmas lights strung around and a live DJ. We had zucchini fries with some fancy dipping sauce, burgers, and milkshakes. The waitress humored our request to mix strawberry/chocolate and chocolate/vanilla in the milkshakes, and bless her for doing so, because they were delicious.


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