NYC: Sights

For Spring Break, Alex and I took a trip up the east coast to New York City. Our train left at 5:30am on Friday morning, meaning we took a cab at 4:15am to get to Union Station. The train station was (practically) empty, which meant (obviously) that we had to dance in the main gallery with its vaulted ceiling and cherub statues.

The train ride was lovely, although I slept most of the way up.

Arriving in New York around 8:30am, we took the subway to our hotel, which was conveniently located a few blocks from Times Square. After dropping our bags off, we walked toward Times Square; a few blocks from the center of the the lights and street vendors, Alex had me cover my eyes. Bright, shiny, colorful, loud, and a little overwhelming for 9am and no sleep.

Deciding to relive the movie Big, we visited FAO Schwarz and danced on the piano.

We also took a trip down to the World Trade Center Memorial. There are two pools like this one, where the buildings stood before 09/11/2001. The names of those who died are carved into the stone that surrounds the pools.


A few times we strolled through Central Park. On Tuesday, before coming back to DC, we walked the entirety of the park, from the NW corner to the SE corner.

We also spent some time at the Empire State Building, wandering around the 86th floor. It was possible to go alllll the way up to the top floor, another twenty stories or so up, but we decided to just take in the view on the outside terrace on the 86th floor instead.

We also sawThe Lion King on Broadway, which was amazing! The performers walked through the crowd, the colors and costumes were beautiful, and the whole show, as Alex put it, was “so imaginative.”

Then, of course, there were just beautiful points across the city that deserved a photo:


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