Music and Books

This summer has seen a lot of books pass through my hands. I’m reading Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo right now, which has turned out to be amazing. It’s not too fast of a read, so I’ve enjoyed staying up late at night reading. There are a lot of twists/turns/surprises/suspense -clearly, an excellent choice for a summer read.

Last night, I was at a concert in downtown Minneapolis, at the Aster Cafe. I knew nothing about the band, Jelloslave, before hearing them play. It’s two ladies playing cellos, a guy on drums, and a man playing the bongos – clearly, a recipe for musical delight. One song, Pickpocket, LITERALLY (read, not literally) is The Count of Monte Cristo reincarnate. Listen, appreciate:

You can’t see the bongo-man on the screen, but he’s there.

I think I’ll aim to incorporate the gist of French-Second-Empire into my life this fall. This means carrying a little vile of life-saving-red-liquid with me at all times, acclimating to doses of brucine, and wearing a cape.


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