Breakfast in Amsterdam

We left London in the afternoon on New Year’s Day, after having spent many hours waiting at the train station. The sun peaked above the horizon when we arrived in Amsterdam, lighting up the sky and clouds with pink and lavender hues. With a two-Euro-per-person-per-day budget, we had little money in our pockets to buy food. Our stomachs cried louder than our pocketbooks, leading us to tempt ourselves with the smells of delicious pastries available for purchase in the only open store we could find. As we were smelling the bread and cakes, Katie found a two-Euro coin in a basket. Miraculously, the two-Euro piece was the perfect amount for a HUGE croissant, big enough for three to share.

The croissant gave us the energy to wander throughout the city on foot for a few hours, until our hostel opened. The first sunrise and first croissant in Amsterdam make up one of my favorite moments from our European adventures.


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